Secrets to Good Health and a Long Life

Use it or lose it   — Supply and Demand —  Reason for Being

Yup, that’s the secret to being healthy, in my opinion. Aside from the obvious, like muscles getting weak from lack of exercise, what I mean here is that the body instinctively responds to the use—to the demand we give it and supplies us with health. Exercise especially stimulates the Life force within us, getting the message accross to our brain that the body needs to stay around a little while longer. It takes years and years for the body to deteriorate and eventually die. Many adults exercise very little or not at all and eventually lose the ability to do simple things, like walking. We mistake that as part of the natural aging process, but it’s not and a lot of recent research has proven that. There is even a lot of new research showing how well exercise beneficially influences the actual physical conditon of our brains, which in turn affects our mental and emotional attitudes of course.

I was having a problem with my knee a couple years ago and went to see a Kinesiologist. One of the things he had me do is start practicing squats, first with both legs together, then one leg at a time, and then one leg at a time while standing on a Bosu! I’ll never forget what he said to me one day when I was complaining about doing them, “Tim, you’re doing this now so that when you’re EIGHTY-THREE you won’t need to have a big guy like me help you to get up and down on the toilet! I stopped my complaining.

But aside from exercise—and not everyone is able to exercise of course—I also observed that people with a strong reason for being also seem to live more healthy and longer lives. We’ve all heard the stories about people who retire from their jobs and then drop dead a week later. Or of the old man or woman whose spouse dies, and they die shortly thereafter. In these cases, I think that it’s because their reason for being was suddenly gone, and the lack of demand (the will or interest to continue living) caused the body to fail to supply.

Have you ever noticed how many famous people, including actors, artists, musicians, scientists, politicians, or any one else in a position of great importance, often live well into their 80’s and 90’s and continue to lead healthy productive lives right up to the day that they die? They keep going because they have to keep going and they to want to keep going. Their reason for being, for continuing to live because they are famous or important becomes the demand that stimulates the Life force to supply.

That, in a nutshell is my theory of good health and longevity. Live long and prosper!

So far, so good!

On this, Canada’s Thanksgiving day, I have a lot to be thankful for.

Today, Rashin and I went out for a RUN. Well, not exactly a run, but it was a quick walk with four 1-minute jogs in between. I felt great! Ok, a little light-headed afterwards, with a WEE-bit of pain in my chest, but otherwise it was fine. Even I am finding this a bit hard to believe that less than a month ago I was on deaths door-step from multiple clots (AKA Pulmonary Embolism’s) in my lungs.

Well, whatever happened today was good. We will celebrate tomorrow with our Thanksgiving dinner, with dear friends—including my longest and dearest “Friend of all-time”, Dan Fairweather. He attended his own families Thanksgiving dinner today, but was warned before it, that he should control himself and not, “Pig-out like last time”. I suggested that today he temper his pig-like tendencies and save them for tomorrow at my place. He seemed to like that idea. Very good.

In fact, all is “Very-good” today here at my home and with my life, with few exceptions. I am looking forward to welcoming Dan and the rest of our invites for the day tomorrow, celebrating this Thanksgiving. AND, there is one joining us tomorrow someone who we must all be especially thankful to be here, seeing yet another Thanksgiving dinners—our friend “Mitra” who has been battling cancer for the past few years, and thus far winning the war!

So, yes indeed I am very, very thankful this Thanksgiving…for my own health, for my friends health and prosperity and for the Universe blessing all of us with yet another Thanksgiving day to enjoy. I wish YOU, my dear readers, the very same.

Take care.

Pulmonary Embolism Shmembolism!

I’m sorry, I haven’t had the energy to write lately. Guess I had a delayed reaction to my illness. Today’s news has added to that. I saw my Family doctor for a follow-up appointment. She has received all of the test results from the hospital. Turns out both of my lungs were completely covered with multiple clots, encompassing the entire surface of both. They have NO IDEA what caused this. Apparently it does happen to some people sort of spontaneously, like mine, without any explanation. The hospital specialists and my family GP are all scratching their heads. When I went into the hosptital, they thought I was a goner! 5 days later I walked out, feeling pretty good, all things considered. Everyone is amazed, including me!

The next step in cases like mine is to continue the search for the cause. Their first suspicion is CANCER. Oh great. In fact, the Ultrasound they did while I was in the hospital did reveal a growth of some sort on my liver…(not related to alcohol consumption) which they THINK is a cyst, which of course is harmless…IF that’s what it turns out to be. I have another Ultrasound scheduled, along with a CT scan, for the near future to take a closer look.

Other than that, each day I feel better and better. My lung capacity feels only slightly impaired. But I certainly can’t move very quickly or exert myself for more than 30 seconds without getting winded. For sure, assuming I don’t have cancer, my recovery will be fairly long-coming, but at least certain.

My birth grand-father (I’m adopted) died at 66 from Colon Cancer. He was first diagnosed at age 42. My birth-mother (his daughter) died at 66 from Pancreatic cancer. So the history is there. I just hope that that is not MY history to be as well!

Anyway, looking at things positively, this experience has certainly helped me to focus on what is important to me. I think my years and years of procrastination are finally over! My sense of urgency has multipied exponentially! So what’s next? First, to be declared cancer-free. I’m holding my breath for that one! Until then? Until then it’s just live each day to the fullest. I’ll do my best to document these travels here, for those of you who care.

Cheers for now.

Lung Cancer Breakthrough

Common Food Additive Found To Increase Risk And Speed Spread Of Lung Cancer
It is always exciting to see breakthroughs in Health Care. This Lung-Cancer breakthrough suggests that if we don’t anything that contains food additives, then we can avoid Lung-Cancer worries altogether! I hear another call for “Organic” !
ScienceDaily (2008-12-30) — New research in an animal model suggests that a diet high in inorganic phosphates, which are found in a variety of processed foods including meats, cheeses, beverages and bakery products, might speed growth of lung cancer tumors and may even contribute to the development of those tumors in individuals predisposed to the disease. … > read full article