On Life

It took me a great deal of thought to figure out how to start this web-site’s first essay/journal entry. While driving home from work one day, wrestling with this question, the answer came to me during a moment of no thought at all, which is often how our creative process works isn’t it?

What came to my mind was something most obvious; that I must begin this site with a reflection upon its entire purpose, which is, to discover something more; to, with your help (as I am only “One Man”) hopefully realize more about life’s true meaning.

What is the “Meaning of Life”? Do you think that I can answer that here? Of course I cannot, not today. I do, however, have some of my own ideas about what life may be about, with which you are free to agree or disagree. Does that sound crazy? It probably does. But, does it sound crazy to think that one day you might be struck by lightning, or win the lottery? What are the chances of those things happening? The fact is, however, that somewhere in this world there are people being struck by lightning, or winning their local lottery. Are you certain that we will NOT discover life’s meaning here? Can you be truly CERTAIN of that? Please, read on.

Here, then, is one my ideas about this whole thing called, “Life”: Life to me is an enigma, which to my thinking means that it is very much similar to being a puzzle, or more simply, a mystery. Certainly it comes with very few certainties. The older I get, the more I realize that it seems like the only certainty in life is that life is NOT certain! On the contrary, it seems to be very uncertain. Just when I think that I have something figured out, I am, what I call, “rudely interrupted”, by life itself. Life seems to jump in, challenge, contradict even, whatever the thing was that I thought I had figured out! Life does seem to do that, wouldn’t you agree? Usually when we least expect it, it breaks in and disrupts most of our plans and expectations. This has been one of life’s most frustrating aspects for me. Has it been for you? My guess is, that it has, that we share all this frustration.

What is the meaning of life, then? One thing that I am certain of, is that it is terribly uncertain! Perhaps to you that doesn’t seem like much of an answer. I agree. It is, however, a beginning to an answer, which I think holds at least some kernel of truth to it, as if we have at the very least, a grasp of the tail of this huge mysterious beast we call, “Life”.

2 thoughts on “On Life

  1. Tim,

    The answer to the meaning of life is so much simpler than philosophical evolution has politically forced it to become.

    I always thought that the meaning of life was answered perfectly in the movie ‘Lonesome Dove.’ Much like in your essay about Sex, we have to realize that we exist in the same manner as plants and animals. What is the meaning of life for a flower? What is the meaning of life for a flower in the middle of a Costa Rican rain forest that is never seen by human eyes? Asking what is the meaning of life for a flower is a good way to put things into perspective, and dismiss human concepts such as religion and spirituality that typically cloud our thought when approaching philosophical ideas. The natural process of life for a flower is to be born, grow to it’s full majestic brilliance, be enjoyed and admired (or never seen at all) by all around it, and eventually relinquish the place it inhabits by withering away and giving itself back to the earth, leaving way for one more to take its place and enjoy the experience. If a flower could wish for anything, what do you think it would be?

    The same is true then, for us. Our purpose is to be born, grow from adolescence into adult, from boy into man, be enjoyed and admired (or never seen at all) by everyone around us, and eventually step aside.

    Our only problem is that we have to consciously guide our growth, whereas that lucky flower just wins naturally. To guide our growth we have to define the words ‘adult’ and ‘man.’

    Adult: One who independently and responsibly commits to a healthy state of mind (spirit) and body through strengthening their self discipline.

    Man: One who adheres to a life promoting set of principles, and wishes the best for all those around him

    Let me go on with my definitions, and be a bit bold…

    Living: resonating ones growth as stimulus for anything, or anyone around and willing, to receive.

    Love: The conscious process of encouraging these growths in another individual.

    These definitions are still being worked on. What I’d really like to do (and was in the process of doing when I stumbled upon your website), is come up with a list of principles and morals that every man should live by, and add that to the definition of ‘man’ I think that’s where Lonesome Dove comes into play. I hope you’re familiar with that film!

    Anyways back to my question about the flower. If a flower could wish, that implies that it already has conscious thought, and if it has conscious thought, it would wish for legs. I think that’s the meaning of life. Just don’t become an invasive species… don’t become a blackberry bush for god’s sake!

    Meaning of Life: To become a walking flower. (one that can’t be squished by nikes)

  2. Beautiful, and most notably—the first contribution to my site here, Bryn. Thank you very much. Yes, I’m familiar with the movie….but I’ll refesh my memory and respond to your comment in a day or two. Please feel free to comment on my other essay’s and blog! Cheers.

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