This site is dedicated to all of the people, past and present, who have enriched my life.

Thank you for teaching me and for being such a rich and integral part of my being.

To my children Jeremy and Bianca…..for their miraculous gift of Fatherhood.

To my late Mother…..for always loving me, no matter what.

To my late Father…..for the gift of his love and his nick-name for me; “Tim-boy”.

To my brother, James…..for saving me, his “Pint-size” brother, by grabbing the ashtray
before it fell on my head when I was a baby.

To Beth….for giving me four of life’s greatest joys, our children, and our grand-children.

To Patricia…..for always being there and supporting me through thick and thin.

To Rashin…for drawing out the best in me.

To Bettie…..for showing me my roots and for her immeasurable support and care in the short time we shared together.

To Dan Fairweather…..for being my truest, longest, and most faithful friend.

To Bill Clark…for believing in me so ardently for almost 32 years, and for showing me the Truth, and the true bite of the whips tail at the end of It.

To Steve Jenvey…..for being a wonderful friend during my teenage and early adult years, and for being more like Jesus than anyone I have ever known.

To Ross McKenna…..for being my “forever-friend”.

To “Meesh”…..for always being online during a very lonely time of my life.

To Peter Stigings….for being the greatest teacher and mentor during my formative years in High School and for welcoming me back even when I was unable.

To Hennie Bekker…for giving me the greatest listening music of my adult life (Chopin comes in a close second!).

To Albert Einstein…for leading the way towards mankind’s ultimate goal: Understanding and comprehending Life.

To J. Krishnamurti…for giving his life towards showing me Life, as “It is”.

To Herbert O’Driscoll…for so deeply inspiring me many year’s ago, when I was still a child…to reach out to others, that even just “One Man” can make a difference. Thank you Herbert! I would love to hear from you!