Who are YOU?

I will tell you who you are….

You…are…well, I’m going to call you a snowflake! Scientists tell us that each and every snowflake is absolutely unique! There never has been—and there never will be—two snowflakes that ever look the same or that have the same characteristics. Each and every snowflake is absolutely unique, and one-of-a-kind!

You, my friend, are just like one of those snowflakes! There never has been—and there never will be—another human being on this earth created just like you. You are absolutely, yes, totally and completely, 100% unique! You have an appearance, talents and abilities, that no one ever has, or ever will have. No one with the same looks, the same personality traits, the same talents and abilities, or the same past experiences, as you! And THAT, my friend, makes you absolutely unique….and in my books, of infinite value and of inestimable worth! There is only ONE of you in this Universe!

So….the next time you look in a mirror, I challenge you to see yourself in the way I have just described you to be. Take a good look at the snowflake in the mirror and reflect upon the FACT of your total, absolute uniqueness. See, know, and feel the beauty of your significance, the wonder and specialness of your being.

You can say proudly to yourself the following affirmation:

“There never has been—and there never will be—another human being on this earth who is just like me. No one who ever has—and no one who ever will have—what I have; my unique looks, my unique talents, my unique abilities and all of the unique experiences that have shaped, have created, the total uniqueness of who I am!

And, that, my friend, makes You a very, very, very, special person. So, please, smile, be happy, and celebrate!! You are who you are…and you are a wonderful and unique person!!! YES, YOU!

2 thoughts on “Who are YOU?

  1. Hey! I was looking up ideas for journals and your website popped up. I would just like to say that this really encouraged me. I have been depressed for a long time now, and I feel like this helps me see the bright side of things. Thank You.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Alexandria. I am so happy to know that my words can help others like you. All the very best to you. You take care.


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