Quite complicated…


My site has been back online for a couple of weeks and I have yet to start the blog, until today. I started out trying to use a “CMS” (Content Management System) program called “Drupal” for creating the site, but that was way to complicated for me, so I switched to this CMS program, “WordPress”, which is easier to learn than Drupal…but…

Well, I really wanted to tweak the design of the site a bit before starting to post, but like most things in life, to “tweak the design” is not very simple, in fact it’s bloody complicated. It requires knowing quite a lot about website programming details….thinks like HTML, CSS, PHP, YUCK…

So, I’ve given up trying to figure all of that out before starting to write/blog. In fact, I may even give up trying to figure out WordPress altogether and go back, tail between my legs, to dear-ol’ Microsoft’s product, “Expression Web”, their modern day equivalent to “Front Page”, which I originally used to design my site back in 2001. Granted, I purchased and read the 400+ page textbook for that program, but it did seem easier to figure out than this….We’ll see.

My whole experience here serves to beautifully illustrate one of life’s “Truism’s” (a self-evident, obvious truth, according to Dictionary.com) in an Industrialized culture; few things worth doing are simple, most things require plain ol’ hard work, time and energy to accomplish. Few people make that effort, which is why there is lots of room at the top, if that’s where one wants to be…(more about the “if” later).

So there you go, that’s the first blog entry done, finally. Feels good. Thanks for reading.

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