Another, another day…

Like the other night…the day might be over, but I’m still up.

Yesterdays theme about Synchronicity is still with me. I had two people, totally unrelated, tell me today that THEIR New Years resolution is to keep a “Dream-Journal”…documenting their dreams for this year.

Again, another amazing coincidence.

From my studies about Synchronicity…I learned that at certain important times of our lives, when the Universe, or God, or what-have-you, is trying to get our attention…that a number of coincidental events will increase…just like Bananas come in bunches…the same with Synchronous events. And, they come for a purpose…with a message, that if we are lucky enough, we will understand.

As I said yesterday…discovering the meaning of coincidental events is the challenge. However, from what I have gleaned in my studies, with the coincidental events comes the meaning attached. Being “Open” is the key….open to receiving whatever from Life, from the Universe.

The secret is, very simply, to be OPEN to receiving the guidance that the Universe gives to us, in abundance, each and every day.

Join me in this exploration!



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