Only One

There is only one YOU in the entire world. Think about it. In the entire history of the human species there has never been anyone just like you. Like a star in the sky on a cool winters night you are a light burning brightly in the world here today. That light is yours and yours alone. No one, and no thing can ever take that distinction, that uniqueness, that pure greatness of who you away from you.

You came into this world with a totally unique set of talents and abilities. No one ever has and no one ever will be just like you. Think about that! Don’t judge yourself, just meditate on the FACT, on what IS. See how unique and therefore how special you are. Yes, you ARE!

Let your light shine. Just do THAT and the rest of your life will be purposeful.

Your purpose is to simply be who and what you are.

Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine!


Every day is a new day!

I have written about this before…about how “Tomorrow” is  a “New Day”. Indeed, it IS, my friend, whether you think so or not!

Every day in our life is a day that we DID, that we now have done…whatever it is that we did yesterday, that we can let go of, that we can ERASE from our past…because when wake up tomorrow…it will be a NEW DAY.

Life, the Universe, God, what-have-you, gives YOU and ME this gift each and every day. It is OUR CHOICE to accept it or to reject it.

Accept it, and I promise you that your life will change…in ways that you cannot imagine.

Join ME tomorrow morning…with a “New Day”, will you?

I hope to see you there!




  • The Christian religion describes love as this:

“Love is patient and kind; love is not jealous or boastful; it is not arrogant or rude. Love does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrong, but rejoices in the right. Love bears all things; believes all things; hopes all things; endures all things” (1 Corinthians 13) and “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these.” (Mark 12: 31, Lev.19:18)

  • The Islamic religion describes love as this:

"No one of you is a believer until he desires for his brother that which he desires for himself. " (Sunnah)

"Not one of you is a believer until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself." (Islam. Forty Hadith of an-Nawawi 13)

Mohammed is said to have said:

"Seek for mankind that of which you are desirous for yourself, that you may be a believer; treat well as a neighbor the one who lives near you, that you may be a Muslim [one who submits to God]." and "That which you want for yourself, seek for mankind."

  • The Buddhist religion(s) describe love as this:

    Buddhism involves the complete renunciation of oneself in order to take on the burden of a suffering world. The strongest motivation one has in order to take the path of the Bodhisattva is the idea of salvation within unselfish, altruistic love for all sentient beings.

These are just a few of the many religions around the work, but I think it is safe to say that the ideal of most religions is the propagation of love—to show compassion and tender care towards others. Even Humanisms “Manifesto” states:

Humanism…affirms…the greater good of humanity…(is) inspired by compassion…values in human welfare…(is) committed to treating each person as having inherent worth and dignity…(is) concerned for the well being of all.

Simply reading these passages my stir ones heart to feel love and compassion towards others. Those ideas resonate with something inside our hearts and minds that is real—we just know that it is, and that it is a good and wonderful thing…and that it is something we want to do, to act upon, to reach out to touch the hearts and minds of our fellow human beings…for about 5 minutes a week—and that’s if we go to church every week! The rest of us think that way about 5 minutes a MONTH, if that! The rest of the time we go around killing each other, figuratively or literally.

Why is that!? Perhaps it’s not our true nature to love people that way? Perhaps our nature is mostly selfish? Perhaps that’s what we really are in essence? Does that give us an excuse, then, for not acting in a loving way towards other people? In fact, it DOES!

It does, but is that ok? Of course not! As Hal David wrote in a famous Burt Bacharach song,

“What the world needs now
Is love, sweet love.
It’s the only thing
That there’s just too little of.
What the world needs now
Is love, sweet love-
No, not just for some
But for everyone…”

And so how do we DO that? How do we love our neighbours? Indeed. What is needed is a fundamental transformation from deep within our psyche. How do we achieve that? We cannot in a million years achieve it. Effort is futile. It can only be seen, realized, comprehended. We already have it! It’s already there. How do we see it? In some sense, that is a gift. I think the key is simply to be open to receiving it—by opening our hearts and minds to the possibility. Do that, and it will come. This is something like Buddhist “Enlightenment”, Christian “Christ Consciousness” or New Age “Cosmic Consciousness”. Once achieved (although it cannot be “achieved”) a profound, selfless love for others ensues.

The statement creates questions, raises objections, demands clarity. Let’s address those my friend. Join me.


Another, another day…

Like the other night…the day might be over, but I’m still up.

Yesterdays theme about Synchronicity is still with me. I had two people, totally unrelated, tell me today that THEIR New Years resolution is to keep a “Dream-Journal”…documenting their dreams for this year.

Again, another amazing coincidence.

From my studies about Synchronicity…I learned that at certain important times of our lives, when the Universe, or God, or what-have-you, is trying to get our attention…that a number of coincidental events will increase…just like Bananas come in bunches…the same with Synchronous events. And, they come for a purpose…with a message, that if we are lucky enough, we will understand.

As I said yesterday…discovering the meaning of coincidental events is the challenge. However, from what I have gleaned in my studies, with the coincidental events comes the meaning attached. Being “Open” is the key….open to receiving whatever from Life, from the Universe.

The secret is, very simply, to be OPEN to receiving the guidance that the Universe gives to us, in abundance, each and every day.

Join me in this exploration!




I watched a movie tonight, at home on the TV, continuing to enjoy the balance of my birth-day. As the movie began, a woman was recording a birthday video greeting to her husband. A few minutes later, the date showed up. It was today, January the 7th.  Then with the movie still going, a few minutes later as I remarked to my partner the strange coincidence of that happening I and the actor in the movie said at precisely the same time, “January the Seventh”. Now THAT is what I call an amazing coincidence!

There is another word, not so commonly known that embraces and tries to explain the meaning of coincidence; Synchronicity. That word was coined by the great Swiss psychologist, Carl Gustav Jung. Put simply, Jung described Synchronicity as a meaningful coincidence of events that have no apparent cause. My experience tonight with the movie fits cleanly into that description.

But tonight’s experience of Synchronicity did not end with the movie. Because of what happened tonight with the movie I decided to write tonight’s journal/blog entry about the concept of Synchronicity. So, I sat down at my computer—but of course had to check my email first! I was happy to see an email from a dear friend who was replying to my email wherein I described the reasons behind my New Years Blog resolution regarding my drinking habits. I thought it nicely coincidental that Peter had sent me the email today because it is my birthday and he said a lot of very nice things about me. I don’t think he knew that today was my birthday, but his email certainly came in the form of what I consider to be a most wonderful and coincidental gift.

In the email, Peter also asked me if I have I ever considered going to “AA”, Alcoholics Anonymous… Well, after starting to write tonight’s entry, I knew that Carl Jung had created the description of it Synchronicity, so decided to research more of his description of it online. I found several sites describing it and of Jung online and was astonished to discover that Carl Jung, who lived in Switzerland, had indirectly but strongly influenced (through one of his former patients) the eventual creation of…you guessed it…Alcoholics Anonymous in the United States some years later!

Now, I dare you, my dear readers. Were the events that happened to me tonight not strangely coincidental? The challenge of Synchronicity is discovering the meaning of such events, but that will be the topic of another journal entry. I have been studying the concept of Synchronicity for a number of years and will eventually bring what I have learned about it to here. It’s really quite fascinating. Stay tuned!

Another Day…

Here I am, pompously trying to impress everyone with “Day 6” of my 365 day New Years resolution to post a blog/journal entry. I really would like to have something interesting, profound even, to say that might have some sort of positive impact on your life. That is what I most truly want, to be able to write something here that might impact or affect your life in some way, however small, that gives you something. Something that might inspire you, something that might give you hope for the rest of today and for tomorrow…hope from a day today that might have left you with little or nothing else.

Indeed this is why I am here. I believe that my words, however seemingly trite or insignificant, or however unprofitable…that this “One Man” might write something here of value to you or the rest of the world.

Indeed, if my words here on this website give even one person in this whole wide world something that inspires, or motivates, or entertains, or lightens their heart, mind and spirit…then my purpose for doing all of this will be fulfilled. And that is all that I dream of doing here, my friends, plain and simple.

You take care…my thoughts, my entire purpose in life, are with YOU.


Secrets to Good Health and a Long Life

Use it or lose it   — Supply and Demand —  Reason for Being

Yup, that’s the secret to being healthy, in my opinion. Aside from the obvious, like muscles getting weak from lack of exercise, what I mean here is that the body instinctively responds to the use—to the demand we give it and supplies us with health. Exercise especially stimulates the Life force within us, getting the message accross to our brain that the body needs to stay around a little while longer. It takes years and years for the body to deteriorate and eventually die. Many adults exercise very little or not at all and eventually lose the ability to do simple things, like walking. We mistake that as part of the natural aging process, but it’s not and a lot of recent research has proven that. There is even a lot of new research showing how well exercise beneficially influences the actual physical conditon of our brains, which in turn affects our mental and emotional attitudes of course.

I was having a problem with my knee a couple years ago and went to see a Kinesiologist. One of the things he had me do is start practicing squats, first with both legs together, then one leg at a time, and then one leg at a time while standing on a Bosu! I’ll never forget what he said to me one day when I was complaining about doing them, “Tim, you’re doing this now so that when you’re EIGHTY-THREE you won’t need to have a big guy like me help you to get up and down on the toilet! I stopped my complaining.

But aside from exercise—and not everyone is able to exercise of course—I also observed that people with a strong reason for being also seem to live more healthy and longer lives. We’ve all heard the stories about people who retire from their jobs and then drop dead a week later. Or of the old man or woman whose spouse dies, and they die shortly thereafter. In these cases, I think that it’s because their reason for being was suddenly gone, and the lack of demand (the will or interest to continue living) caused the body to fail to supply.

Have you ever noticed how many famous people, including actors, artists, musicians, scientists, politicians, or any one else in a position of great importance, often live well into their 80’s and 90’s and continue to lead healthy productive lives right up to the day that they die? They keep going because they have to keep going and they to want to keep going. Their reason for being, for continuing to live because they are famous or important becomes the demand that stimulates the Life force to supply.

That, in a nutshell is my theory of good health and longevity. Live long and prosper!

New Year’s Resolutions

On January the 1st of each year many people make “New Year’s Resolutions”. This tradition dates back 4,000 years to the Babylonians! They made resolutions, or promises, to the gods to win favour. If the resolution was broken it was considered bad luck. More recently, back around 153 B.C. the Romans placed their mythical King “Janus” at the head of their calender, which thanks to Julius Caesar became our modern day calender, with January 1st being the first day of the year.

Janus was the earliest “Two-faced” individual! Well, they said that he had a face on the front of his head and another on the back of it, giving him the ability to see into the the future and into the past simultaneously. On December 31st, the Romans imagined Janus looking back at the old year and forward to the new. They also believed that Janus could forgive transgressions (or wrong-doings), so at the beginning of the new calender year they would give gifts to each other and make promises to one another and to Janus with the belief that he would see this and then bless their life for the entire year. And that, in a nutshell, is how New Year’s Resolutions all began.

I’ve never been one to entertain this tradition. Well, I did as a kid, but gave it up as an adult when I realized that certainly I—and amost everybody else who make resolutions never achieve their goals. In fact recent research shows that only about 12% of the people who make resolutions actually do achieve them. Well, 12 people out of 100 is still 12 people, isn’t it!? So at least some do—and it is that little fact that is motivating me this year to break my decades old pessimistic tradition and go for it! But…I’m only making TWO.

My first resolution for 2010 is to write something in my jounal/blog here on my website EVERY DAY of the year. I recently saw the delightful movie, “Julie and Julia”. Julie made a new Julia Child recipe every day for a year AND blogged about it! A true story! So, if she can do that, I can at least write a little blog/journal entry every day here, right? I don’t even have to cook! So, why not!? Indeed. That’s my first resolution for the year.

My second resolution is a little more personal, and from what I understand quite a common one—that is most commonly broken! Since I was about 22 or 23 years of age I have had the almost nightly habit of having a drink or two… Beer has been my beverage of choice, “IPA” (India Pale Ale) my favourite. If not beer, then wine. Nothing else. I can’t stand hard-liquor. But, after almost 30 years my evening habit has started to sort-of catch up with me. That has led me to the point today of making the resolution that for the next year at least, and perhaps for the rest of my life, I want to drink alcohol ONLY on special occassions, like at party’s, fancy dinners out and that sort of thing, so perhaps only a few times a month at most, and that will be it.

I accomplished my second resolution in September actually, going two weeks without my evening libations, but then was suddenly slammed by my Pulmonary Embolisms (see previous postings). The doctor’s said that my “libations” had nothing to do with my sudden illness…? Anyway, I was a bit worried about all of that for a bit, so delayed my resolve, my resolution till now.

Some who know me might say that I’m quite likely to achieve my first resolution, but un-likely to achieve the second. Well, I’m content to let the skeptical dog’s bark. I know who I am in my own heart. I know what I can or cannot do. Well, TODAY is soon to be over, and I’ve already accomplish BOTH of my New Year’s resolutions! Yes, of course it’s only day 1. But you know, I really believe that there comes a time in a persons life when we finally KNOW what we need to do, and with that “resolve” can come the strength to accomplish it, either single-handedly, or with help if need be. The only absolute prerequisite to the accomplishment of anything in life is first—the willingness to do it, and second—taking the first step. I’ve taken that first step today.

I wish you all a most wonderful New Year.

Lost futures…

A dear friend of mine’s wife is critically ill in hospital right now. She’s 85. My friend is 82. He and his wife has been married just shy of 50 years. We visited with the both of them only 2 weeks ago. Mary seemed tired and said she was suffering from an infection of some sort. A week later, she had a stroke, followed by another shortly after. As of today, she’s in the hospital, dimly hanging on. Bill knows that she’s dying. He’s preparing himself for that.

When Bill and I spoke, he said to me, “You know, Timothy, when I saw her lying there today, I saw almost 50 years of my life about to disappear. I’ve always been able to look forward to the future, but now at my age, the future isn’t there anymore….all that there is now is today.”

Bill is a retired United Church minister, and Real Estate Agent. In an ardent attempt to cheer him up, I said,  “So Bill, perhaps it’s time now to consider yourself a Buddhist!”. He laughed  and then asked why. “Because Buddhists only recognize and live in today, in the present moment. They believe that today is all that there is…so congratulations, you have reached Nirvana! The goal of all Buddhist’s! To achieve pure living in the present moment.”

He quickly changed the subject, but before our chat ended thanked me for helping him to feel a little better about things and ended by saying, “So I guess I’ll have to think like a Buddhist now”. This time we both laughed, and I bid him well.

This story is not about what a great guy I am by cheering up my dear friend. Rather, after our conversation it made me think about how religious or philisophical views can influence our lives. Bill, a lifetime devout Christian, has lived most of his life looking forward to tomorrow. And for good reason; Christians have been “looking forward” to the return of Jesus for 2000 years, living each day in hope of his return.

Can you see how this religious-based forward-looking thinking can transfer over into the rest of a persons daily life? Bill has been living in this way for 82 years. Now, with the prospect of losing his wife after almost 50 of those years, and with a fresh stark realization of his own age and mortality, he feels that he has little, if anything left to look forward to. He’s right of course. Yes, being the devout Christian that he is, he can still look forward to the return of Jesus, and if his wife dies, of joining her in Heaven. But, something tells me that Bill doesn’t really feel that way today.

But this essay is also not meant to be a criticism of Christianity. Instead, I’m merely trying to point out how strongly our attitudes and beliefs can affect the outlook of our lives. If Bill were a Buddhist, would he be feeling any different today? I’m going to say “Yes”, but with a hint of trepidation, because it seems that no matter how strong or “valid” a belief might be, in the end the core, or fundamental reality of the human psyche and spirit will most often push the beliefs away leaving only our basic, instinctual feelings to rule; stuff like in Bill’s case, a fear for his survival and loss of hope for tomorrow. His “Faith” may or may not bring him out of that. “May or may not”. Therein lies the true reality, the “Isness” of Bill’s life today and, I suspect, most of the human race, living faintly day by day in this thing that we call “Life”. Indeed, this is it.

A New Day

They say we spend about one-third of our lives sleeping. When we sleep, our normal consciousness stops and we spend the night quite un-conscious. Many people think that sleep is a waste of time, seeing it as an interference to their busy important lives. When I was younger I felt pretty much the same, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve been seeing it differently…

Perhaps one of the reasons that we find sunrises and sunsets so beautiful is because they resonate with something deep within our psyche that instinctually reminds us that a “New Day” is about to begin.

When a new day begins, with it comes the fresh opportunity to do the things that we didn’t do yesterday, or to not do today the things that we didn’t want to do yesterday! To some people that can mean a fresh opportunity to start that new book they bought a few months ago, or to sign up for that course they’ve always wanted to take at the community centre, or to start that new diet or exercise plan, or to look for that new job, or to sit down at the computer and write….It can also mean the fresh opportunity to not do some things, like not picking up that first cigarette, or not picking up that first drink, or not criticising our friends or loved ones, or not sabotaging our efforts to achieve our long-held dreams. The choice is ours. Each and every new day gives us an absolutely fresh slate to draw upon. That makes us all artists—artists of our own lives.

You see, we don’t have to carry forward our yesterdays into today. Of course, practically speaking, our environments don’t change–nothing much really changes in our lives and situations over-night. But what can change is our attitude, our outlook, the way that we choose to view the day, because we really are—at least (and thank God)—free to choose how and what to think.

Most of us carry over our yesterdays into our today’s, via our memories. Memories, however, are like books that we don’t have to carry along with us. We can leave them where most of them really belong, on the “MB”, the Memory-Bookshelf of our brains, just as we leave our real books on the book-shelf in our homes. That might sound a bit trite and simplistic, and you are absolutely right, it is! That is the absolute beauty of it.

We are free to choose the books—the memories, or at least our response or attitudes towards the memories—that we want to carry along with us in the backpacks or briefcases of our consciousness, each  and every new day.

I’m not talking about motivation. I’m talking about the freedom to choose and that is what gives me hope when I go to sleep at night, that tomorrow I can start again, or excitedly carry on, even, with the things that I finally started yesterday! New day, new deal. A new opportunity to be the person I am and was meant to be.

And so can you! What you think, you are! Tomorrow really is a brand new day. Think about that.

For more about who I think YOU are, be sure to visit the “Who are YOU?” page.