Begging Jesus?

It’s been MANY years since we’ve seen Jesus. Like over 2000 years.

I wonder why? If he was who he sort of claimed to be, then why hasn’t he shown himself in the meantime? Present day Christians need to believe it all on FAITH, after 2 thousand years!

If Jesus was who he seemed to suggest he was, based on the biblical accounts, then for sure he would have manifested in some tangible shape form or imagination since then, wouldn’t you think? Ok, one could argue that he has appeared in many non-tangible ways, such as through miraculous healings and so many new church building funds being successfully provided (!).

Christianity is a lifeless religion today. The founder was very charismatic. For sure. But, since he died, ok, ascended to heaven, there has been very little to support his cause. Paul of Taursus was the last one to supposedly see Jesus. Well, that was 2 thousand years ago as well!

Jesus died, was apparently risen and showed himself as such. That’s been hotly debated and challenged. Christians divided have started countless sects, countless denominations, even started many war’s between them and others. I don’t see LOVE in all that division. Where there is division, there is no love.

If Jesus really was who he thought that he was, one would assume he would have reappeared since then, and really given people a life-blooded reason to believe! But he hasn’t been able to reappear, leaving a lot of confusing Church doctrine asking people to continue to believe. Jesus was Jesus. Christianity is our interpretation of his life’s purpose.

That said, Jesus did preach a good word, about love and compassion. THAT is his enduring legacy. He was an amazing man, with an amazing message, promoting love and compassion. Nothing else. Just that, however, is HUGE.

Love, and compassion. Probably the most humanitarian and important virtues that our world needs to value, embrace and live.



Sea of Humanity

Let us suppose we are all connected through consciousness. There are enough philosophies and modern day scientific theories out there that suggest that we are. Assuming those are or at least might be, true, then in a very real way, the people around us are aspects of ourselves. If we are all “one mind” then it follows that everyONE is in essence, ourselves. How we treat others then becomes a reflection of how we treat ourselves. And how we treat ourselves in turn is how we are treating others.

For example, most everyone is afraid of death, of dying. One of the ways we can soothe ourselves, altruistically, is to soothe others, to be a good friend, to be a happy face, to be a good listener. We are all in this together. Compassion is knowing this and reaching out. In so doing, we are helping ourselves as well — helping ourSELF, the whole sea of humanity.