Sex with Robots

This topic seems to be all over the Internet these days. They say that by 2050 robots will be so life-like, so human-like, that we’ll not only be having sex with them, but we’ll also be marrying them! The sex part they say could happen within only FIVE years, available as the ultimate “Sex Toy”.

Eventually, robots will be so life-like we will have trouble distinguishing them from real human-beings. This is inevitable.

Imagine that, having sex with a robot. No foreplay required. Instant gratification. Right there, ready and willing any time we want it. Almost every man’s dream come true–boom-boom, roll over, go to sleep.  Is this a good thing or a bad thing? It is an inevitable thing. They will sell like hot-cakes, by the millions.  At first only the rich will be able to afford them, but eventually, market forces will make them affordable to most, who want them.


Sure, lot’s of ethical issues will surround the use of robots for sex, like will a pedophiles thirst for “more” extend beyond the use of his child robot to go after “real” children? Some countries will ban them because of issues like that. But the black market will still take care of the desperate.


Our sex-drive is very powerful. It stem’s, of course, from our instinctual drive to reproduce. We basically exist from one orgasm to the next—it’s a simple biological fact—fulfilling our “Biological Imperative” to reproduce, to replicate our species. It’s very similar to a thunder storm full of lightening.


Lightening occurs when electrical energy in storm clouds builds up to a point that it just HAS to be released. Once it reaches a high level of “particle excitation”—boom—it streaks down to the ground (or nearby clouds), releasing its built up energy. A few minutes later the electrical energy builds up again…until—boom—the process repeats itself, streaking to the ground for another “release”.



Lightening demonstration 



Orgasm is like the lightening—boom—in an instant, its built up energy is released. Right after orgasm, our desire for more sex vanishes. Why? Because, like a car battery that has lost its charge, there is practically no energy left-over to fire things up. That’s why some men (and, yes, some women even)roll over and go to sleep after having sex! Their sexual energy has simply been depleted (ok, satisfied) and needs to be recharged.


But that sexual energy is released for only a little while, because over the next 24 hours or so (depending upon the individual) , the instinctual energy (desire) to reproduce gradually recharges and builds up again. Our desire for sex is directly proportional to that level of built up energy we have within us. When the energy/desire is high, we seek out release—we go looking for a way to release that lightening! Again, I’m not just talking about men!


This same cycle of tension-resolution repeats itself, over and over again for most of our lifetimes. Not surprisingly, we create all sorts of special ways, and utilize almost any means, to find a way to release our built-up—our pent-up—sexual energy; to releash that biological lightening, including things…..LIKE MAKING ROBOTS!


At the very root of all this, however, another dynamic is also at work, and that is our desire for the repetition of pleasure. Sex is something that most people find VERY pleasurable. A lot of our motivation for “doing it” stems from our interest in repeating that pleasure, over and over again. I talk more about this idea in the essay entitled, “On Sex“. Read that, if you dare!


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