Friends on the Internet

I’ve been online for a number of years…14 I think! Hard to believe.

In all of that time, aside from my own children being here, off and on…there has only been ONE other person faithfully here during that entire time, for whom I am so grateful!

Her nick-name is, or was, “Meesh”. Meesh was here, on the Net, during a time of my life when even my children were not. It seemed that no matter what time of day that I logged-on to the Internet, she was there! We often chatted for hours. Hours, that meant more to me than she ever realized.

In fact, as I am writing this she is online! She inspired my blog entry for the night! We don’t chit-chat very much these days…both of our lives have changed quite a bit. But, she is still just as important to me today as she was years ago.

A true friend will forever be a true friend, thank God.

These are the things for which we need to be truly grateful.

Thank you…”Meesh”. And thank you, God.


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