I know quite a few people who have a problem with drinking the “Demon-drink”, alcohol.

Without exception, they have all had good reason to have become dependent upon it. For those who only drink in the evening, it gives us a few hours RELEASE from life’s grasp. It gives us a wee break from the stark reality of it all.

Problem is…alcohol is an un-natural drug that “Nature”, regardless of Evolution, has not accepted. And so, after a while…or after so many years…it eventually catches up with us and TRIES TO KILL US!

It has already killed millions and millions of people over the last few thousand years.

Will we let it kill US now?

How can we let a drug, a foreign substance that we oh-so-happily pour into us….KILL US in the end?

As for me, I cannot let it do that to me. I will fight it to the end. What will the end be? That has yet to be decided!

I think we need to kill the beast, before it kills us.

I found this fellows blog entry tonight…very poignant!


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