Every War Is a Civil War…


A civil war is a war between peoples of the same place.

All of humanity is from the same place; Planet Earth.

That means we are killing OURSELVES. It’s just that simple.

That shouldn’t be right to any sensible, conscious, human being.

The problem is that things like religion and political ideology mess up the simplicity of the facts…and the slaughter continues.

WHY? Why do we kill ourselves? Ideology? Religion?

To kill another human being, regardless of the religion or ideology, is…there just has to be something very wrong with that, no? Thinking about it, I know and I can’t believe how many people on our planet today can easily, recklessly, justify killing with scarcely a thought–another one.of.you.and.me.

Don’t confuse the facts with ideology, religion or politics. At root, we all know down deep that killing others is just.plain.wrong.


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