Summer Heat

Fir tree paintingHardly a lovely, cool evening like I last described. Today it’s really hot. Every summer we usually get a few weeks of hot, hot weather. Ok, hot for us here on the West Coast; high 70’s to upper 80’s. But we’re not used to the heat. My spoiled bag of bones finds it unpleasant. I can’t imagine other countries where the heat soars easily into the 90’s or above 100 even, for months.

I had the luxury of going for a run earlier, before the heat set right in. I hit the wooded trails not far from here, in the University of British Columbia endowment lands. Simply glorious. Cooler in the forest, protected by the tree tops. I ran with a special joy today — really seeing, smelling and feeling the beauty around me. Reflecting on my ability, at 55 years of age, a major health scare behind me, to still be able to go out to run, to pound my way throughout the welcoming trails, to fully, completely breath in the pine scents and sweet soil — has to be a miracle. I started running when I was about 8! Oh, gratitude! Life — God — has truly blessed me with these leg’s that can still run, with these these lungs that continue to breath, with this heart that knows and feels and appreciates my real fortune. Indeed, I am a fortunate man. May you find and realize the same…

Spring Rain

Evening draws nigh. Darkness descends. Outside, a robust late spring rain cleanses, washing the landscape, the fresh trees, the city street’s, folks passing by. Fresh, cool air. I love this time of year. The evenings are tepid, neither cold nor hot. Just right. Comfortable, you know?

I haven’t written for a long, long time. What excuse can I give, should I give? I have no excuse other than confessing the frailty of my soul, the weakness of my being, my utter, bloody humanity. Yet, tonight’s writing is a good sign. Evidence, that at least a man such as I can come back from the brink. From the brink of destruction, from the brink of despair, the brink of desperation and rise from the ashes.

Something within me is singing, resonating, shining with a glimmer of hope, hope realized, come true even. Is this God? I’d like to think it so. What else, what other power outside or within, could resurrect a disintegrated spirit? If there is a God, then certainly this is it.

Being free…..

Nov 12, 2013.

I have a friend. His name is Larry. Larry sends me texts late at night. Last nights stated, “I’m going to die drinking. I hate my life….”.

One small voice shouts forth along this media-chain that we call the Internet. Today’s debate in the world….the new world trade centre in New York is 300 feet taller than any other in the US….beating out Chicago’s Sear’s Centre by that much. Today’s crisis…the Philippines storm disaster. Millions in desperate need.

Larry has a family. Two older teenagers still living at home. When they sleep, he drinks, a lot. He tops the night off with a small joint. Larry has tried everything to help him stop drinking. Yet, like so many — way more than we know, he is caught in the demons grip….the grip of alcohol addiction. I am as well. I live alone. It’s easy for me to get away with.

My mission in life? To find a way to help people like Larry, and myself. God grant me the wisdom, before alcohol takes Larry, before it takes ME. God bless Larry….and everyone caught in the demons grasp.

I BELIEVE….that I will find a way for me and Larry and many others to BE FREE. This is my quest and perhaps my destiny.

Sea of Humanity

Let us suppose we are all connected through consciousness. There are enough philosophies and modern day scientific theories out there that suggest that we are. Assuming those are or at least might be, true, then in a very real way, the people around us are aspects of ourselves. If we are all “one mind” then it follows that everyONE is in essence, ourselves. How we treat others then becomes a reflection of how we treat ourselves. And how we treat ourselves in turn is how we are treating others.

For example, most everyone is afraid of death, of dying. One of the ways we can soothe ourselves, altruistically, is to soothe others, to be a good friend, to be a happy face, to be a good listener. We are all in this together. Compassion is knowing this and reaching out. In so doing, we are helping ourselves as well — helping ourSELF, the whole sea of humanity.


Pigs and Apples

A tractor salesman drives up to a farm and is startled to see the farmer lifting a large pig up to the branch of an apple tree. As the salesman watches in amazement, the pig bites a large apple off the branch, whereupon the farmer gently puts the animal down and picks up another pig, who in turn gobbles up his own apple from the tree. This goes on for quite a few pigs, until the salesman can no  longer restrain himself.

“Excuse me,” he says to the farmer, “but wouldn’t it be easier to pick all the apples yourself and let the pigs eat them off the ground?”

“Might be,” says the farmer as he reaches for yet another pig. “But what’s the advantage?”

“For one thing,” says the salesman, “it would save a lot of time”.

“Could be,” says the farmer. “But what’s time to a pig?”

It IS time….

Indeed, it is time to write again. Why? Have my circumstances changed? A little.

I’ve been re-exploring my philosophical roots and interest with Krishnamurti. For some reason, as I am re-reading some of his writings, this time I realize that I may have it…the understanding even without the reading. K would assert that “time” has nothing to do with understanding, with seeing the fact, the truth. I totally agree. However, for whatever reason, time seems to have seasoned me, or perhaps weeded and tilled the garden so that the fresh sprouts of truth can be finally seen!?

Whatever it is, it is good. What I know now more than ever, is that “Truth” is as K asserted so many times; “A pathless land”. Many philosophically minded people love to profess that “There are many paths to the one, ultimate truth”. I disagree. All “path’s” lead to a destination. Truth does not lay at the end of any path. Truth, simply IS. It doesn’t take TIME to discover, to find, to walk the path, to it. There is no path to Truth. Truth simply is WHAT IS….and that is all. That fact can be seen in a split-second. Few can, but that really is the truth of it……

I welcome your input.
Blessings to you all.