Purpose for Living?

I’m wondering if it is necessary that we have a “Purpose for Living”? Whoever said that we must? Our inner thoughts and musings have caused us to conclude that we must, as in must have some ultimate purpose to our lives, individually and collectively. Biologically, we know that our fundamental purpose is to perpetuate our species, to reproduce, quoting the bible, to “be fruitful and multiply”. That much we do know. So does there really need to be any other “purpose” to our lives other than that? I am doubting it.

Humans, as apposed to other animals, however, have been—shall I say “blessed” or “cursed” (?) with having a different (I won’t dare say “higher”) level of consciousness, a conscious awareness of ourselves and our environment. Other animals appear to be limited to an environmental awareness, making them “choicelessly aware” of their environment and that’s it. We, however, appear to be also aware of ourselves as separate individual entities or ego’s with choice—and lots of it. Eastern philosophy and religion has tried to convince us that our awareness of being separate individual entities is an illusion and that our goal—our purpose—in life ought to be to “see the illusion” and join the animals in becoming “choicelessly aware” of just our environment, free of the ego and thereby free of life’s suffering.

Historically, it appears that there have been a few individuals who have achieved the choiceless, ego-free type of consciousness we are discussing. Colossal religions, like Buddhism, have been built up to support helping others to achieve the same type of consciousness. Ken Wilber has convincingly told us that this type of “higher” consciousness is an inevitable outcome of our species consciousness evolution. Those who have it today are “witnesses” of life being aware of itself, and that is our ultimate purpose. Could be!

In the meantime, however, is it possible for the rest of us, the 99.99% rest of the unfortunate sea of humanity still patiently or unknowingly awaiting our consciousness- evolution to realize their (our) purpose for living and to live full, satisfying, meaningful and happy lives? I’m not talking about Utopia. Rather, living simple, meaningful and happy lives—at least most of the time. I think that, YES, it is possible! Dare I say that it SHOULD be? Saying it should be opens a huge cauldron of cultural values that can be challenge and criticised, so for now I will choose to not say that we “should” be able to enjoy life while we await our consciousness evolution (if that’s the case) but I really do think that we SHOULD! But how? How indeed! Well, I intend to find out! MY purpose for living is herein defined. YOUR assistance in this quest will be welcome and truly appreciated.