Being free…..

Nov 12, 2013.

I have a friend. His name is Larry. Larry sends me texts late at night. Last nights stated, “I’m going to die drinking. I hate my life….”.

One small voice shouts forth along this media-chain that we call the Internet. Today’s debate in the world….the new world trade centre in New York is 300 feet taller than any other in the US….beating out Chicago’s Sear’s Centre by that much. Today’s crisis…the Philippines storm disaster. Millions in desperate need.

Larry has a family. Two older teenagers still living at home. When they sleep, he drinks, a lot. He tops the night off with a small joint. Larry has tried everything to help him stop drinking. Yet, like so many — way more than we know, he is caught in the demons grip….the grip of alcohol addiction. I am as well. I live alone. It’s easy for me to get away with.

My mission in life? To find a way to help people like Larry, and myself. God grant me the wisdom, before alcohol takes Larry, before it takes ME. God bless Larry….and everyone caught in the demons grasp.

I BELIEVE….that I will find a way for me and Larry and many others to BE FREE. This is my quest and perhaps my destiny.