Pigs and Apples

A tractor salesman drives up to a farm and is startled to see the farmer lifting a large pig up to the branch of an apple tree. As the salesman watches in amazement, the pig bites a large apple off the branch, whereupon the farmer gently puts the animal down and picks up another pig, who in turn gobbles up his own apple from the tree. This goes on for quite a few pigs, until the salesman can no  longer restrain himself.

“Excuse me,” he says to the farmer, “but wouldn’t it be easier to pick all the apples yourself and let the pigs eat them off the ground?”

“Might be,” says the farmer as he reaches for yet another pig. “But what’s the advantage?”

“For one thing,” says the salesman, “it would save a lot of time”.

“Could be,” says the farmer. “But what’s time to a pig?”