It IS time….

Indeed, it is time to write again. Why? Have my circumstances changed? A little.

I’ve been re-exploring my philosophical roots and interest with Krishnamurti. For some reason, as I am re-reading some of his writings, this time I realize that I may have it…the understanding even without the reading. K would assert that “time” has nothing to do with understanding, with seeing the fact, the truth. I totally agree. However, for whatever reason, time seems to have seasoned me, or perhaps weeded and tilled the garden so that the fresh sprouts of truth can be finally seen!?

Whatever it is, it is good. What I know now more than ever, is that “Truth” is as K asserted so many times; “A pathless land”. Many philosophically minded people love to profess that “There are many paths to the one, ultimate truth”. I disagree. All “path’s” lead to a destination. Truth does not lay at the end of any path. Truth, simply IS. It doesn’t take TIME to discover, to find, to walk the path, to it. There is no path to Truth. Truth simply is WHAT IS….and that is all. That fact can be seen in a split-second. Few can, but that really is the truth of it……

I welcome your input.
Blessings to you all.