Save Japan Dolphins

The CoveI watched an amazing documentary tonight about the merciless slaughter of bottle-nosed dolphins that has occurred in the small Japanese town of Taiji. The film documents the efforts of Ric O’Barry, the director of Save Japan Dolphins.

Ironically, Ric was the trainer of the dolphin used in the mid-sixties TV show, “Flipper”. It was after the show finished airing that Ric developed his passion to protect the dolphins, as one day he watched Cathy, one of the Flipper show dolphins, die in his arms. From there started his transformation from training dolphins in captivity to assertively combating the captivity industry.

The film initially had a wonderful response, resulting in a "No Kill” policy being issued, putting a complete stop to the slaughter. But in the past week or so, O’Barry discovered that they have started once again to kill the dolphins.

O’Barry is focusing his efforts now to have the film shown in Japan. I hope he is successful. I will be following his efforts here on my blog. I urge my readers to see the movie (available now to rent or purchase. I watched it via my “Shaw On Demand” TV cable service).

Click here to see the latest update from O’Barry’s blog.
Click here to read one of O’Barry’s first blog postings about this.


The water in this picture from the site of the massacre is red from the blood of the dolphins.





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